Welcome to Visaspermits Overseas Services Pvt Ltd

Anti-Fraud policy:

Payment to Visaspermits Overseas services

Visaspermits issues invoice/receipt for each & every payment along with the acknowledgments, terms & conditions of services, refund clauses.Client agreed and acknowledged receiving the receipt itself is signed/acknowledgement of service agreement irrespective of signing the agreement or not later during any point.If client does not sign any hardcopy/softcopy of the agreement later during the process will not get any refund.

Payment to Third Party or staff:

Any Clients are trained or knowledged that they shall pay any fees to the staff for seeking additional services in case if they do so VisasPermits as a company will not have any commitment on such payments and we strongly recommend clients to refrain from doing so.

Job Guarantees:

Visaspermits is visa processing private body and does not guarantee a visa or job to anybody anytime, if anybody from visaspermits staff or any entity is doing so on the brand value of VP please contact us immediately. We do assistance itself not assurance.

Fraudulent documents:

Visaspermits does not entertain any made up, fabricated documents, fake documents, do not be convinced with any staff that fake documents are accepted.

We strongly advise you to provide the genuine information & we assume you to be genuine by default. USA, Canada, Australia or any countries welcomes the genuine visitors, students, workers with the correct intentions & has zero tolerance towards the misuse of the immigration.

You will be caught & denied entry to the country for longer time in case of misuse & fake documentation.