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United Kingdom

  • Great Britain is very often, but incorrectly, used as a synonym for the sovereign state properly known as the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. Some more facts of England: Population: 58 million people. Geographic size: 130,422 square kilometers or 50,356 square miles.
  • In UK it is legal for kids over 5 years to drink alchohol at home or private places.
  • In UK accent changes for every 25 miles.
  • In London , it is illegal to die in the house of parliament.
  • According to British law, it’s still perfectly legal to kill any Scotsman who enters the city of York if he happens to be carrying a bow and arrow.
  • ‘Big Ben’ doesn’t refer to the famous clock at London’s Houses of Parliament, but to the bell inside. The building itself is called the Elizabeth Tower.
  • Built in 1842, the Hamilton Mausoleum in South Lanarkshire has the longest-lasting echo of any man-made structure in the world – a whole 15 seconds.
  • Best sectors to work in UK are IT, Software, Banking finance , Accounting, Nurses, Heath care, medicals, Engineer.
  • London is one of most expensive city in the world.