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Australia Skilled Independent Visa


Australia is the best place to live –its safe, multicultural, diversified & simply the great.

Among every 4 Australian 1 is born overseas which defines its diversity.

Australia never faced recession because they adapt skilled people & skilled domain.

Skilled Independent Visa (189 category)

This Visa allows you to enjoy all the benefits as equal to citizens of Australia. Its Valid for 5 years , within the 5 years of stay you get the citizenship. You can work, live along with the family.

You can get a PR yourself without taking a sponsorship from family or employer or state.

Requirements of skilled independent Visa (189 Visa)

  •  Your occupation shall be listed in skilled occupation list(SOL)
  •  Must meet the English language, age, education and work requirements
  •  Must meet the points –at least 60 or above

On meeting above parameters you will receive the invitation to apply for Visa. You can send your file for Visa stamping post getting the Invitation.

All the benefits for you, your family can availed on this 189 Visa.